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Long Island Arts Council at Freeport 
Design for Laugh Tracks event promotional poster

Mike Meehan & The Lucky Ones (band)

Design/layout for EPs Hard Luck Town, Better Angels, Freaks and Wonders

Rob Simone (singer-songwriter)
Design/layout for album Resilience and Restoration

Richard Lanahan (singer-songwriter)

Design/layout for album Dreamer's Witness

Steve Welner (singer-songwriter)
Design/layout for album Sweet Simple Life

Allen Santoriello (singer-songwriter)

Design/layout for album Pros and Cons

Toby Tobias (singer-songwriter)
Design/layout for album African You Belong To Me

Josh Yavneh (singer-songwriter)

Design/layout for album Four Songs by Josh Yavneh

Bill Scorzari (singer-songwriter)

Layout for album Just the Same

Luis Moreno (singer-songwriter)

Design for DVD package Luis Moreno with Butchers Blind, Live at C.J. Wellington's

Songs by Lena (original children's-music project)

Layout/typesetting for album Happy as Clams

The WellDiggers (band)

Design/layout/photography for album Hope and Fear; promotional poster design

​The Carrie McQuade Trio (band)

Promotional poster design

Artistry by Ayla

Etsy website logo design

Hombre Jones (band)

Design/layout/photography for album Back in Exile; poster and promotional materials design

Cornerstone College Aid Service

Online business presentation development/website content development/logo design/documentation design

RSM McGladrey

Background music clips for business presentation

Tony Tedeschi (singer-songwriter)

Design/layout/photography for album Stuck in the '60s, Part II

Weatherside (band)
Design/layout/photography for album Sky After Storm

John Taylor (singer-songwriter)

Design/layout/photography for album Hometown Paper