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Imagination. ​​​​​Vision. Personality. Emotional impact.​

These are the hallmarks of Michael's creative focus. Working with visual media and writing, he employs a conceptual voice that can transform in ways ranging from the contemporary to the vintage/retro-inspired and beyond.

Numerous musical artists around the New York area, for example, have turned to his imaginative sensibilities in developing unique and original designs for album/CD packages, posters and other promotional materials.

Michael has spent over 25 years working in various editorial and creative positions in the fields of journalism, publishing and marketing, with companies including Harcourt Publishers/Academic Press and Bertelsmann Media/Bookspan, while simultaneously pursuing independent work in writing, graphic design, photography and music production.

In addition to his writing and design work, he composes, writes and records music and songs, and he performs as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist around the New York area.