Featured projects

Comedy-club logo/sign

The client needed a fictional, prototypical comedy-club sign to be used as a set piece for a play in a New York City theater festival. Classic club-logo elements are incorporated into a simple, effective design with strong visual communication to the audience. The theater piece using this sign subsequently won the festival's award for Best Set Design.

Album cover for Resilience and Restoration, by New York-area singer-songwriter Rob Simone

The focus of the design was to mirror the subject matter by combining imagery, subtle color accents and classic typography to evoke a sense of natural peace, depth and movement. 

Marketing concept piece for an alternative-energy company

An appealing, distinctive logo integrates with a clean, eye-catching layout. The copy combines a strong slogan, headline and presentation of key services and information in a clear format.

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Concert poster,based on the look of a classic boxing poster

A monochromatic color scheme, elements placed using superimposition and perspective and a vintage, slightly distressed texture create a warm, dimensional and inviting aesthetic.

  • Photography for advertising and marketing materials
  • Photography for album/DVD packaging and other personal projects
  • ​​Photo editing and retouching

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  • Copywriting and content development for advertisements, marketing materials, websites and more
  • Branding development and strategy​
  • ​​Editorial and proofreading services for existing copy and content
  • Advertising/marketing materials
  • CD/DVD/album packaging
  • Posters
  • Website design concepts
  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • More