Album cover for Resilience and Restoration, by New York-area singer-songwriter Rob Simone

The focus of the design was to mirror the subject matter by combining imagery, subtle color accents and classic typography to evoke a sense of natural peace, depth and movement. 

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Comedy-club logo/sign

The client needed a fictional, prototypical comedy-club sign to be used as a set piece for a play in a New York City theater festival. Classic club-logo elements are incorporated into a simple, effective design with strong visual communication to the audience. The theater piece using this sign subsequently won the festival's award for Best Set Design.

  • Copywriting and content development for advertisements, marketing materials, websites and more
  • Branding development and strategy​
  • ​​Editorial and proofreading services for existing copy and content
  • Photography for advertising and marketing materials
  • Photography for album/DVD packaging and other personal projects
  • ​​Photo editing and retouching

Concert poster,based on the look of a classic boxing poster

A monochromatic color scheme, elements placed using superimposition and perspective and a vintage, slightly distressed texture create a warm, dimensional and inviting aesthetic.


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  • Advertising/marketing materials
  • CD/DVD/album packaging
  • Posters
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Marketing concept piece for an alternative-energy company

An appealing, distinctive logo integrates with a clean, eye-catching layout. The copy combines a strong slogan, headline and presentation of key services and information in a clear format.